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Administration of Insolvent Estates and Corporate Entities

The administration of insolvent estates and corporate entities is part of our DNA. We understand the frustration creditors often experience in having to collect what is rightfully due in this highly specialised industry. We also understand that it is an extremely stressful situation which many creditors find themselves in and we aim to alleviate their concerns.

The administration process requires specialised skills in locating assets and then realising same for the benefit of creditors. Part of our daily task is to study financial documents and conduct investigations into the affairs of the estate. We frequently find that assets are concealed from the Insolvency Practitioner or may already have been transferred to a third party. Through experience we have developed the ability to uncover such transactions and take the necessary steps to recover the assets.

We assess each estate on its own merits as each estate is different. To ensure the best possible return on the sale of the assets, we take into account the nature of the assets and match the sale of same with the relevant expert in the auctioneering industry.

Our business acumen gives us the insight to understand why businesses fail, the ability to trade businesses while in liquidation and finding a purchaser who is able to buy the business as a going concern. This results in minimal job losses and a better return for creditors.

We have had the opportunity to deal with entities in all industries including but not limited to agriculture, hospitality, manufacturing, construction, mining, retail and wholesale, property development, transport etc.